Anything is possible when it comes to reshaping your body and your life. Take it from me. I was overweight and fat for most of my childhood and well into my adult years.

Like many of you reading this, I spent my time doing crazy diets that only made me gain more weight after I stopped the famine. I struggled to drop 20, 30 and eventually the 42 pounds I lost when I finally decided enough was enough.

I am a highly qualified fitness trainer sought out by many, both the famous and the average Joes, who want to get in shape and shed some body fat. Yes, my credentials are impressive and extensive, but it wasn’t the fancy certificates or degrees that made my clients seek me out to get them into shape. They came to me and still do, because I had my own struggle with being frumpy, flabby and overweight.

6 Tips for a Sizzlin’ Hot Body