Keeping breast implants in place is the goal of a new surgical procedure invented by an Indiana plastic surgeon. Dr Robert Frank, a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, became frustrated with the number of women he was seeing with older breast implants which had become displaced over time.

“These women didn’t need a breast lift,” said Frank, “It was their implants that had dropped not their breast tissue.” This condition, commonly know as bottoming out, was making women less satisfied with their breasts and their implants. Bottoming out can be due to the weight of an implant pulling on weakened tissues or can be the result of poor implant placement during the initial procedure. “The first woman I saw for this problem had had her implants placed by one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Chicago so I guess the lesson is it could happen to anyone and at any time after the implants are placed,” said Frank.