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December 2006

Let’s face it: Some exercises are simply more effective than others. If you are going to make the effort to incorporate regular exercise into your life, then you want to get the most out of each workout session.


Everyone wants great sex, but how do you get it? It takes a lot of ingredients, such as having the right attitude, trusting your partner and getting over your hang-ups. Yet once you have the elements in place, you can look forward to a more fulfilling sex life. (more…)

The things that you should consider when planning any cosmetic surgery procedure are results, quality and safety. The following article is prepared, in order to educate and guide prospective clients in cosmetic surgery on how to choose the right surgeon to attain their goal. (more…)

If you’re looking for a hot new hairstyle with which you can ring in the new year, we’ve got a few that might be of interest to you.


Almost everyone is going to be a tad nervous the day of his/her LASIK eye surgery; however, by following the instructions given by the ophthalmologist about preparing for eye surgery the patient can be sure that the operation will be as quick and painless as possible. Most LASIK eye surgery is a relatively short procedure in the doctor’s office or in a day surgery facility. Preparing for the eye surgery though may begin several days in advance.


If you long for an amazing aromatherapy herbs , you have come to the right place. Check out all of the aromatherapy herbs your heart desires, complete with aromatherapy candle wax, aromatherapy fountain, and an abundance of additional material. No need to search elsewhere; everything you need is right here. (more…)

Cosmetic eye surgery is done on the upper and lower eyelids with the help of lasers. Certain age-related changes take place to the tissues around the eye. (more…)

Skin has a lot to cope with in winter. You need protection from harsh weather – cold winds, rain and hail – plus the desiccating effects of central heating and air conditioning, not to mention the trauma your skin suffers from flitting between the two.


The messages of concern regarding the epidemic of obesity and its related chronic illnesses and diseases continue to be unheard or just plain ignored, as waistlines continue to expand and the lack of sufficient physical activity also increases.


Some of the most common excuses I’m sure to hear over the next few months are “It’s too cold to work out!” or “The weather is so gloomy, I can’t bear to exercise outside.” Yes, it’s hard to get motivated when the wind is howling or the rain or snow is pelting down–it can thwart even the most committed exercisers–but don’t ban all thoughts of heading outdoors for a sweat session. (more…)

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